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Tariana Software Group


  • Knowing Tariana software group
  • comprehensive hotel system
  • internal management
  • accounting
  • payments
  • mission
  • warehousing
  • restaurant and cafeteria management
  • attendance
  • logistics

Tariana software group started with the cooperation of a team of experts in the field of IT to design automation systems for organization and due to their previous experiences, the team were successful in designing a wide range of software products to mechanize financial and office affairs. The distinguishing feature of these products is nearly full support of inter and intra sectorial operations in private and public organizations and institutes to satisfy a wide range of software needs of a modern organization.

These products are so flexible and adaptable that the customers of Tariana products included a wide of activities from small businesses to large public companies. Tarian software group is our effective recommended solution for a diversified organizational automation. This solution requires installation of all Tariana sub-systems in operational units of organization and extensive support from inter-units communications. Tariana search engine works based on the management of organizational operations, the centralized archive of organizational documentation and organization database.

Main areas of company activity:

  • proposing automation solutions for private and public organizations
  • presenting automation products for administrative-financial affairs of medium organizations
  • presenting systems suitable for small businesses’ affairs
  • presenting services for information security for IT plans and modeling organizational operations

Tariana products in brief:

  • design and implementation of financial web-based systems
  • accounting
  • payments
  • warehousing
  • property
  • personnel
  • design and implementation of property management systems
  • hotel internal management system
  • all financial and warehousing modules in web-based environment
  • web-based, Android and IOS management of restaurants
  • design and implementation of organizational business system
  • including all sales and intra-organizations procedures
  • design and implementation of administrative automation and workflow and document system
  • workflow system and organizational affairs’ management
  • design and implementation of expense estimation system (industrial accounting)
  • ERP system
  • BPMS system
  • design and implementation of website for online earning money
  • design and implementation of Android and web-based software transportation system
  • design and implementation of comprehensive system for agricultural organizations
  • design and implementation of warehousing system
  • design and implementation of institute management system
  • virtual servers


Organizational values of Tariana

  • Customers’ satisfaction guarantees our income.
  • Promoting the quality of products and entrepreneurship are our basic goals.
  • Our investing and cooperation is based on honesty and trustworthiness.
  • Business competitions are grounded on ethics.
  • Manpower and customers’ trust are our investments.
  • The organization is committed to staff development.

In Tariana property management system, all financial and administrative affairs of a hotel will be managed integratively in an integrated software.

Tariana property management system

Hoteling system is presented in the Property Management System (PMS) packages. PMS is a comprehensive software application for all the work operations in hotel including: booking, folio, overbooking, order, cancelling, check-in and check-out. This system further includes Central Reservation System (CRS) which is used for room arrangements and other hospitality services. CRS also supports different sales channels like BE, the agencies under contract, etc. reservation and sales will be done through this program. One of the main features of this advanced system is the integrity of the data in a web-based environment which facilitates teleworking and integrating chain hotels. Within this system, all financial and administrative affairs of a hotel including reservation, payment, warehousing, restaurant, etc. will be managed integratively and through one software.

Tariana Property Management System in brief

Advanced setting, night audit, advanced reports, calendar worksheet, group reservation, check-in, check-out, housekeeping system, CRS, statistical charts, financial management

Tariana system will meet all the needs of a hotel; therefore, it can be called a comprehensive hoteling system and is designed by world standards in hospitality industry.

Tariana hotel system is a comprehensive web-based system for hotel management.

Internal management system facilities

  • Web-based implementation
  • Implementation of one software for chain hotels
  • Simple and user friendly environment
  • High security, 100% coding of the stored information
  • Advanced Validation System
  • a simple intra-administrative automation system for users with the option of sending files and taking noted
  • presenting more than 90 different types of operational and financial reports
  • sending emails and messages to guests
  • dynamic changing the content of informing messages and warning
  • defining the information of hotel personnel and assigning user codes
  • defining the accessibility level of each user
  • defining a management email to be sent to users
  • defining a default for emails
  • defining the hotel logo in reports
  • defining default texts for the reports to guests
  • implementation of two English and Persian version separately
  • training videos on how to work with system
  • presenting an abstract view of the hotel for manager
  • presenting hotel expense charts and rooms status
  • defining packages for guests in one month time intervals or less
  • the rent system for guests and others in one month time intervals or daily or hourly
  • defining different types of rooms
  • defining different guests
  • the calendar of rooms status in one month time intervals or less
  • Revenue Management System (RMS) to control, maintain and price the rooms
  • Room Worksheet system to schematically display the reservation status  and doing new reservations in the time interval of one month or less
  • Changing bookings in the Room Worksheet environment
  • Doing booking operations:
  1. Save
  2. Cancel
  3. Check-in
  4. Check-out
  • Copying a reservation
  • Automatically showing the available rooms
  • Advanced search
  • Search the guests’ history and displaying the previous bookings
  • The possibility of group reservation by Group Block
  • Displaying the estimation of reservation price
  • Overbooking for reservations (reserving more than the defined rooms)
  • Advanced housekeeping system
  • Displaying the present status of the rooms (clean, dirty, out of order)
  • Defining a number of folios for guests
  • Define 4 type of taxes dynamically
  • Auto charge system in Day End Function
  • Define tax exempt for guests
  • Printing folio
  • Transfer invoices to company accounts
  • Transfer invoices to another room
  • Automatic and manually room rating system
  • Extend room rates for extended nights
  • Pre-payment, payment and charges for accounts
  • Automatically Day End Function
  • Rental for guests
  • Define travel agents commission
  • Packages for guests
  • Create transaction for travel agents
  • Log all system activities
  • Searching reservation with room number, guest name, date, reservation number and etc.
  • Learning video
  • Virtual log book
  • Group blocking